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PRA Chapter 2 Officers 2013-2015

President: Doug Barker
Vice President: Curtis Lund
Trasurer: Steve Pearson
Secretary: Paul Plack

Bylaws of PRA Chapter 2

ARTICLE I - Name - The name of this chapter of the Popular Rotorcraft Association, Inc. (PRA) will be "PRA Chapter 2."

ARTICLE II - Location of Office - The office of PRA Chapter 2 for the transaction of business will be located at this address: 738 E 425 S, Layton, UT 84041.

ARTICLE III - Purpose - The principal purpose of PRA Chapter 2 is to serve the educational, training, safety, fraternal and social interests of personal rotorcraft enthusiasts. It will be a voluntary, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization.

ARTICLE IV - Eligibility - Membership is open to any person of good moral character. No person will be refused membership because of nationality, race, color, sex or religious belief.

ARTICLE V - Classification of Chapter Membership

1. Regular Member, voting.
2. Junior Member (under 16), nonvoting.

Any member found to have engaged in acts contrary to the purposes of PRA Chapter 2, or which pose risks to its members, may be expelled from membership at any regular meeting by a minimum of two-thirds vote of the members present at such meeting.

ARTICLE VI - Quorum - A minimum of four (4) members in good standing, at least one of which must be an officer, will constitute a quorum for the transaction of PRA Chapter 2 business at regular or special meetings.

ARTICLE VII - Meetings - Meetings of PRA Chapter 2 will nominally be held monthly, or as called by the President, and notice of meetings will be given to members no later than seven (7) days before the date of each meeting through PRA 2's normal electronic communications channels. Failure to meet at least six (6) times per year may result in forfeiture of the chapter's PRA Charter. Whenever facilities permit, meetings will be opened to remote, electronic participation.

ARTICLE VIII - Conduct of Meetings - PRA Chapter 2 will adhere to an agenda for the conduct of its meetings, including:

1. Personal introductions and project updates.
2. Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting.
3. Financial report and its acceptance.
4. Approval of applications for membership.
5. Old Business.
6. New Business.
7. Announcements and plans for the next meeting.
8. Adjournment.

ARTICLE IX - Officers - PRA Chapter 2 will have, as a minimum, two officers, a President and a Secretary. If PRA Chapter 2 members choose to establish a treasury, a Treasurer will become a required officer. The President may request one or more Vice Presidents be chosen by the group if duties require.

Duties of Chapter Officers

President - The President will preside at scheduled meetings and will be responsible for all planned activities of the group. He will represent the chapter to PRA and other organizations. The President will appoint committees and select their members as necessary to carry on the work of PRA Chapter 2.

Vice President - The Vice President assists the President with duties as delegated. He will preside in the absence of the President and will keep himself informed on all matters and activities pertinent to PRA Chapter 2.

Secretary - The Secretary will maintain minutes of all PRA Chapter 2 meetings, manage written and electronic communication to the extent directed by the President, maintain a membership roster, and provide activity or other reports as required by PRA. He will preside at meetings in the absence of the President and Vice President.

Treasurer - The Treasurer will submit a financial report at all scheduled meetings, maintain competent financial records and will turn over all records to newly-elected Treasurer at the end of his office term. He will preside at meetings if he is the only officer present.

Combined Offices - In the case of a shortage of qualified, willing candidates or a determination that workload does not require that all offices be filled, the above offices may be combined as needed among no fewer than two members. The President may not serve simultaneously as the Treasurer.

Safety Committee - PRA Chapter 2 will maintain a standing Safety Committee of three members experienced in the design, construction and/or operation of personal rotorcraft. This committee will have the final say on all safety matters and the qualifications of any rotorcraft to fly at any activity conducted under the name or using the logo of PRA Chapter 2 or the Popular Rotorcraft Association.

ARTICLE X - Terms, Qualifications, Elections and Removal of Officers

Candidates for chapter offices may be regular or junior members of PRA Chapter 2, and must be nominated by another member to run for office. Nominations will be accepted under New Business on the agenda of membership meetings. Officers will be elected in the month of July of each odd-numbered year to serve terms of two years.

Officers may resign by notifying all other officers. Officers who are absent from three consecutive meetings may be removed from office by a majority vote of members at any meeting. Vacancies among officers may be filled by a majority vote of members at any meeting, provided at least seven (7) days notice of the new election has been given to members.

ARTICLE XI - Changes to Bylaws

Proposed changes to these bylaws must be published to members through the normal electronic communication channels of PRA Chapter 2 with at least five days notice to members. Changes may be approved with a simple majority vote at any meeting which meets the notification qualifications of Article VII.

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