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Welcome to PRA Chapter 2! Our group was founded in June, 2007 to support members researching, building and flying their own personal gyroplanes and helicopters.

We are an affiliate of PRA, founded in 1962. Find out more in Western Rotorcraft. The latest copy is always free by clicking the cover photo at left. Archives are available in the URA Public Library. A subscription is free, and also brings you Southwest Rotorcraft (covering Chapters 6, 20, 62 and 78) and PRA's E-Alert.

Our meetings are held the second Saturday of every month except December. We have a gyroplane training base nearby at Airgyro Aviation, get together for occasional field trips to see members' projects or attend aviation events, and our annual Rotors Over The Rockies meet provides unique training opportunties and has attracted attendees and exhibitors from several states.

PRA Chapter 2 has much to offer! We have a great bunch of people, a growing pool of expertise, and spectacular places to fly. Dues are $24/year, and can be remitted in person at a meeting or by mail. A $24 donation to Utah Rotorcraft Association, Inc. may be made in lieu of dues. Our members get a roster and expedited delivery of Western Rotorcraft. Apply for membership, and also join the PRA to get the most from the sport.

Contact President Doug Barker for info by e-mail or phone at (801) 628-7598.